The Prize

The inspiration for the Doctor Juan Abarca International Award for Medical Sciences, created in 2020, comes from Doctor Juan Abarca himself. He has dedicated his life to furthering the lives and health of people, and these human values pervade both this initiative and the organization which he still presides over in an honorary capacity.

Abarca Prize

ABARCA PRIZE has one clear purpose: to recognize the impact of medical-scientific advances and innovations, highlighting their importance for society. With this goal in mind, the prize is awarded to a scientist of international renown who throughout their scientific or medical career has made a transcendental contribution to the protection, improvement or rehabilitation of individuals’ and populations’ health thanks to a biomedical discovery of worldwide relevance.

Therefore, the prize is intended for an action that has served to generate new knowledge with global impact, especially if it has been able to change country health systems, the risk factors for preventable diseases, or the social determinants or the environmental impacts that can lead to disease. And all this must have been achieved without losing sight of the scientist’s role as a scientific

and clinical inspiration for current and future fellow researchers. Documentary evidence that supports the work done must also exist. In addition to being able to provide this documentary evidence and upholding the values and principles of Dr Juan Abarca that are the foundation of this prize, the recipient must have an impeccable ethical record.

ABARCA PRIZE aims to serve as a benchmark, not only of the research communication of Grupo HM Hospitales, but also that of the Abarca Cidón family itself.