Award Ceremony

2022 Edition

The Secretary of State for Health, Ms. Silvia Calzón Fernández, headed the award ceremony of the II Edition of the Dr. Juan Abarca International Award for Medical Sciences, `ABARCA PRIZE’, granted this year to Professor Philippe J. Sansonetti, microbiologist, professor and director of the Microbial Molecular Pathogenesis Unit of the renowned French research center Institut Pasteur, with a brilliant professional career of more than 40 years.

Professor Sansonetti stated that, “it is important to recognize the work of individuals, but it is also vital to recognize the work of science, especially in those areas where there is no academic funding. Foundations are essential to support these aspects”. The award-winner said that in this way research is boosted, “since medicine is a multidisciplinary exercise that is presented to the public as the driving force of modern societies”.

Photo gallery of the second edition Abarca Prize – 2022