Nominations deadline closed.

Fundación de Investigación HM Hospitales has announced the FIRST DOCTOR JUAN ABARCA INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR MEDICAL SCIENCES, in recognition of the impact of medical-scientific advances and their importance for society. As such, the prize rewards the work of a scientist of international renown who has made a biomedical discovery of worldwide significance and whose professional career has contributed in a transcendental manner to improving people’s health. The career of the scientist in question must reflect the humanistic and professional values that Dr. Juan Abarca has upheld throughout his personal and professional life: values dedicated to furthering the health and well-being of his patients.

The winner of the prize will be awarded ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND EUROS (€100,000) and a certificate.

Nominations have been submitted by third parties, i.e. by persons or entities other than the nominee. This includes companies, foundations, other researchers of recognised prestige, universities, hospitals, professional associations, scientific societies, royal academies, etc.

of nominations

Stage one

Nominations have been submitted by sending a letter of intent at In this letter of intent, the entities or persons submitting nominations have given reasons why the person nominated qualifies, keeping in mind the values the prize seeks to recognise.

Once the deadline for submissions has passed, Fundación de Investigación HM Hospitales will assess whether they meet the prize’s conditions as well as the suitability of those nominated. A shortlist of up to five nominees will be drawn up and submitted to the jury.

The entities or persons responsible for nominating those shortlisted for the prize will be asked to send any documentation they consider relevant for evaluation by the jury. Any documentation must submitted to by 2 pm (CET) on 30 September.


Stage Two

The jury members will evaluate the documentation submitted according to select criteria, after which they will meet via teleconference to discuss the winner. This meeting will take place before 12 October, and their final proposal will be accompanied by a report justifying the selection (list of merits, etc.).

The winner will be notified that they have been awarded the prize and must expressly accept it, as well as sign a commitment to be available for various events to be determined by the prize organisers.

The winner will be announced on 25 October 2021.

The recipient must be present at the prize-giving ceremony. They will also have to take part in scheduled events, barring any restrictions on mobility the health authorities may establish.